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City City: Bonn, Am Herrengarten 63
Info You also can find parking lots at Wilfried-Hatzfeld-Straße which...
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City City: Hamburg, Ditmar-Koel-Str. 17, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Info The drinks and food are also available at the counter, but you c...
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City City: Niederkrüchten, Hauptstraße 19
Info For those of you who prefer driving to Das Feinste von Holländer,...
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City City: Mannheim, Maybachstraße 28
Info You also can find Parking facilities at Max-Joseph-Straße which...
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City City: Frankfurt, Leipziger Str. 85-87, 60487 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Info The restaurant offers you 25 on their menu, of which the average...
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City City: Gera, Sorge 19 | city center, 07545 Gera, Thuringia, Germany
Info Waitstaff
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City City: Kleve, Hoffmannallee 1, 47533 Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Info Families with children
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City City: Vienna, Fischhof 3 | bei der Ankeruhr, Vienna 1010, Austria
Info With booking a table online you can avoid standing in the queue w...
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City City: Lilienthal, Hauptstr. 47, 28865 Lilienthal, Lower Saxony, Germany
Info You can take a seat and will be served directly at your table, a...
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City City: Leipzig, Karl-Liebknecht-strasse 99, 04275, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Info Just phone the restaurant on (+49)3413082245 to reserve a table f...