Here you can find the menu of Mcdonald's. Currently there are 9 dishes and drinks on the menu. You can ask for changing offers by phone.

The average rating of this restaurant is 3 which means the restaurant is generally well received. With an average rating of 3, this restaurant is generally a good choice.

The restaurant doesn't offer any smoking places, and pets are welcome on the premises. The facilities have been made wheelchair accessible.

The menu contains a selection of vegan dishes which completely spare on animal products like milk or meat.

You can easily get a reservation done with calling the restaurant (+44)1723500122,(+44)01723500122.

Food at this restaurant can also be ordered for take away, and you may order the food on their own Website:

The restaurant also offers food and drinks at the counter, but you can also sit outdoors. There is also a seating area, and if you bring your baby or toddler, you can place them in an available highchair.

The restaurant's free wifi allows you to browse the internet, and you can watch sports on their television. Their staff makes sure to wait on you at your table.

The bar is not only open for enjoying refreshing beverages. You can also enjoy food there.

You can enjoy alcoholic beverages at the restaurant.




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here to eat on Saturday 7 May 2022. it was tee-time and very busy, but we have a place in order. I don't like the machine so approached counter and a very friendly lady took my order. eating was hot and very nice when the drinks were. from all the mcdonalds that I was at the whole place never came across the land, was never in one with a security guard

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never deliver what they order, quick debt over frisst money back, but that doesn't help if they don't have a meal, always eat cold and chips soggy avoid these s space

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I like these mcdonald’s. the staff is always friendly and eating is usually quite fast to reach. they get slang at the door because of social distancing, but they have a good system to mange, with walker talks and assign when capacity allows. it was always clean with good love to detail. this is praise from me, as I do not tend to like mcdonalds or them restaurants. I'm getting this, though.

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