Dishes : 14

Bistro De Montcaud

Chateau De Montcaud 30200 Br Sabran France
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Based on the average rating of 4.1 the restaurant is definitely worth to be tried.

The restaurant is accessible in a wheelchair.

Reservations can be done for this Tavern via contact number: (+33)466891800.

You can order food directly from their own Website

You can enjoy your food and drinks at the restaurant’s counter.

On weekends, you’re being served a delicious brunch.

The area around the restaurant offers you a perfect scenic view.

Along with your meal, you can enjoy a refreshing beer from a selection of regional as well as international breweries, and you can also bring your own wine to the restaurant. Either fruity, creamy, refreshing - you can enjoy a whole variety of cocktails at the restaurant.




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