Bleichstr. 3, 33378 RHEDA-WIEDENBRÜCK Rheda-Wiedenbrück Germany
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The average rating of 4.5 shows that the restaurant is one of the favorites amongst all its customers.

You can also reach the restaurant in a wheelchair. You also can find park spots at Großer Wall which is 155 meters away from Reuter .

The restaurant offers a variety of meat-less dishes for vegetarians as well.

Online booking a table at the restaurant makes it easy to avoid waiting times for being seated, or you can just as well give them a call, their telephone is (+49)52429420,(+49)524294520.

Food delivery may be ordered on their own Site

You can enjoy your food and drinks at the restaurant’s counter, but you can also sit outdoors. There is also a seating area.

The restaurant offers a choice of alcoholic beverages.




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