This restaurant has been claimed. Brauhaus Pirna Zum Giesser

Basteistraße 60 Pirna Germany
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The average rating of 4.5 shows that the customers have been satisfied well so far, and based on the average rating of 4.5 the restaurant can be considered a good choice. So far, based on the average rating of 4.5, you can unfortunately assume that the restaurant has not fully satisfied his quests, and unfortunately the restaurant is not satisfying its customers so far, the average rating is just at 4.5.

The facilities have been made wheelchair accessible, and you can pay with your credit card. There is also parking near Brauhaus Pirna Zum Giesser if you prefer to go by car. The nearest is Kaufland in 548 meters away.

The restaurant also offers vegan dishes to enjoy, and menu options for vegetarians are available as well.

Easily book a table online to make sure you don’t have to wait, or you can just as well give them a call, their dial number is (+49)03501464646,(+49)3501464646.

Instead of eating in the restaurant also offers a take away of its food, and you may order the food on their own Site:

The restaurant also offers food and drinks at the counter, but you can also sit outdoors. There is also a seating area, and if you bring your baby or toddler, you can place them in an available highchair.

The restaurant's free wifi allows you to browse the internet, and you can watch sports on their television. There will be waitresses attending to your table, and the restaurant offers dedicated parking on the premises.

You can get any drink you wish for at the bar inside the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a choice of alcoholic beverages.




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