Brasserie Lorraine

2 Place des Ternes, 75008 Paris, France Paris France
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The menu of Brasserie Lorraine includes a variety of in total 92 different dishes. On average an item costs 23 €.

The average rating of 3.8 shows that the restaurant satisfied the majority of its customers so far.

You can also reach the restaurant in a wheelchair. You also can find park places at Ternes which is 149 meters away from Brasserie Lorraine .

On their menu the restaurant offers a variety of freshly cooked local dishes, in the morning you can start your day with their breakfast options.

Easily book a table online to make sure you don’t have to wait, or you can just as well give them a call, their telephone is (+33)156212200.

Food can be ordered to take away, and you may order the food on their own Homepage:

The drinks and food are also available at the counter, but you can also reserve a private room to avoid distractions. Eating and drinking is also possible outdoors, and there is a seating area. Babies and toddlers can sit in highchairs which are provided at request.

While the Happy Hour you can enjoy some of the items on their menu for a reduced price.

The restaurant's free wifi allows you to browse the internet, and you will be served directly at your table.

You can get any drink you wish for at the bar inside the restaurant.

You can enjoy one of the offered regional or even international brewery beers with your meal, and you are offered a full choice of alcoholic drinks. You can even bring your own wine to the restaurant, and of course you can also revel in their beautiful cocktails.




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