Dishes : 33

Wirtshaus Hohenwart

Gietlstraße 15 München Germany
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The menu of Wirtshaus Hohenwart includes a variety of in total 33 different dishes. On average an item costs 10 €.

The average rating of 4.4 shows that the customers have been satisfied well so far.

The facilities have been made wheelchair accessible. For those of you who prefer driving to Wirtshaus Hohenwart, there is Parking facilities at Kleiststraße in 316 meters of the restaurant..

You can also enjoy a gluten free meal at the restaurant.

You can easily get a reservation done with calling the restaurant (+49)08969760041,(+49)8969397575.

The drinks and food are also available at the counter, but you can also reserve a private room to avoid distractions. Eating and drinking is also possible outdoors, and there is a seating area.

On weekends, you’re being served a delicious brunch, and you can save extra by making use of their Happy Hour deals.

You can enjoy one of the offered regional or even international brewery beers with your meal.




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