The menu of Vicinity At The Tower includes a variety of in total 28 different dishes. On average an item costs 16 €, and here you can find all the 28 dishes and drinks on their menu.

The average rating of this restaurant is 3.8 which means the vast majority of its clientele was satisfied with its service.

Just phone the restaurant on (+44)2072067562 to reserve a table for yourself.

You can order food to be delivered to your location.

The restaurants offers you a break from your daily duties with a variety of cocktails.




Anonym Anonym

did not give me the 50% discount so that was disappointing

Anonym Anonym

excellent afternoon tea. very fresh delicious fingersandwichse, moist scones and divine cakes. excellent view of the tower bridge. would recommend it.

Anonym Anonym

it was a bit like a fawlty towers experience. what I suspect is suitable when we had a great view of the tower bridge. it seemed like we were in the middle of training the staff. the most important courses came before the appetizers were deleted, scattered and dropped. the food was average and desserts were bad. beautiful, good wine. I think the personal was new and was not trained. when the staff wipe a table down and consciously the essentials on the floor to be cheated during the restaurant, then sometimes definitiw amiss.

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