The restaurant offers you 17 on their menu, of which the average price is 8 €, and here you can find all the 17 dishes and drinks on their menu.

The average rating of this restaurant is 4.2 which means guests have a very high opinion of this place.




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I was just the third customer, and there was a really strong smell like stale chef fat Italian restaurants have in the regular a light smell of crumble and garlic. I had a reasonable spaghetti bolognese with a pot powdery parmesan, and a few nice brot without butter, and no bowl, olive oil and balsamico to pour. my glass merlot wasn't particularly beautiful, so I had a glass of house red that was a little better. service was friendly and efficient!

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this is our locals....been coming 45 years ago. it is still good eating, good value, generous portions and friendly. only on the bottom is the acoustic that makes the conversation difficult when the next table is a little loud.

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that's a great place. eating is excellent and very valuable. they recommend when they are in the opposite. in which I always go away from eating here.

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