Restaurant Slim's’s menu includes 43 dishes. On the average, a menu item costs 13 €, and here you can find all the 43 dishes and drinks on their menu.

The average rating of this restaurant is 3.3 which means the restaurant is generally well received. With an average rating of 3.3, this restaurant is generally a good choice.

The restaurant offers you the perfect start into your day with a fresh breakfast.




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excellent placement on bold road, very popular. yet despite the beautiful service, eating was very easy. has not tasted much and was very basic. the burgers, especially the cornflake chicken, were burned by water, and placed on the bungalow extremely dry without oil. the service was complementary and apologetic, but perhaps you will see the menu and process of cooking. the bbq wings had no sose, but many garnish another reason for a low score. would come back for the service, but would go only for a drink.

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our frying dinner was nice. we ordered the broccoli and the cauliflower cheese aswell. it was amazing.

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used to be a Jewel when it was on the sea road. well went downhill. the service is terrible! and the toilets are repulsive. can say that I will never go again.

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