Dishes : 10

Rendezvous Bistro

380 S. US Hwy 89WY 83001 Jackson Hole United States
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Restaurant Rendezvous Bistro’s menu includes 10 dishes. On the average, a menu item costs 11 €.

The average rating of 4.5 shows that the restaurant is one of the favorites amongst all its customers.

The facilities have been made wheelchair accessible.

Just phone the restaurant on (+1)483077391100 to reserve a table for yourself.

The restaurant also offers food and drinks at the counter, but you can also reserve a private room to avoid distractions. Eating and drinking is also possible outdoors, and there is a seating area. Their banquet room can hold many guests.

While the Happy Hour you can enjoy some of the items on their menu for a reduced price.

You can enjoy one of the offered regional or even international brewery beers with your meal, and you can also bring your own wine to the restaurant. There is a corkage fee for bringing your own beverages with you.




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