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The average rating of this restaurant is 4.7 which means it is incredibly well regarded by its guests.




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beautiful room, excellent service and eat so well that even if every goodie was really an artwork, we have washed it down after the first taste!

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After the afternoon he had in the past, he was really happy to go with my friends who had never had the afternoon. booked in the internet what I thought was the menu 'summerberries and chocolate and the price to discover at the day that the menu was different and the price was not £40, but £50. later I discovered that I had booked over a website afternoon., which I was always focused on when googling afternoon tea in waldorf edinburgh. there were no appropriate details on their direct website that is disappointing, but the £50 price tag came at the place of booking, but not on the main page. the hearty selection was very good, tasty and tasteful. the scenarios were fresh, but the orange jam/marmalade has not appealed to all. the most disappointing section was the sweetness. they all looked amazing, but were something too fancy and required an acquired taste. it would have been nice to have a few who were recognizable and appeal to a wider group of people. he had chosen the waldorf for his environment, his ambiente and his service and that lived up to the standard. However, after service charge do not really add the feeling, it was worth money, as the sweet selection tried too hard and did not appeal to my taste buds and had to leave the majority of it. if after a high-quality afternoon tee that sees the part and is willing to pay for it, then this is the place to be, but unfortunately I did not enjoy the flowers in the afternoon. I would have preferred what I thought I would book and unfortunately the girls in my group thought the same.

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fabulous in the afternoon! the personal was amazing and immediately calmed us. the eating nice- tasty and an artwork that we all left with cake for home

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