The menu of Odyssey Greek includes a variety of in total 135 different dishes. On average an item costs 11 €.

The average rating of this restaurant is 4.8 which means it is incredibly well regarded by its guests.

The restaurant doesn't offer any smoking places. You also can find park places at Soresby Street which is 186 meters away from Odyssey Greek .

The restaurant offers gluten free meals as well.

You can easily get a reservation done with calling the restaurant (+44)1246721573.

Food can be ordered to take away, and you may order the food on their own Webpage:

You can use the outdoor seating facilities the restaurant is offering if the weather is good enough.

There are entertainment options to make your stay even more pleasant.

Along with your meal, you can enjoy a refreshing beer from a selection of regional as well as international breweries, and you can also bring your own wine to the restaurant. Enjoy a cocktail or two - they can be whatever you want, fruity, tangy, refreshing, creamy, with or without alcohol!.




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