Restaurant The Golden Heart In Winterbourne Down’s menu includes 18 dishes. On the average, a menu item costs 13 €, and here you can find all the 18 dishes and drinks on their menu.

The average rating of this restaurant is 4.1 which means guests have a very high opinion of this place.




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we were very well maintained and excellent eating

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very beautiful looking and in a great location put our expectations high. large selection of options for non-meat eaters, was that eating disappointed. the cutlery had much too much edgy and tasted terrible, with the consistency of baby food. the fig dolcelatte roast was tasteless and a very small part, veggies were cooked and cold until they arrived, but the yorkshire pudding was great. I can highly recommend the seabass, avoid the nourish bowl it was dry and inconspicuous. the non vegetarian options looked great, but the veg options let us be very disappointed, what was a real scandal, because the place had promised so much and was recommended by our son who recently moved into the opposite and had a Fab-Mahl experienced her earlier. I can't see that we're going back sadly, maybe this was a busy day, but even so they should do better than that. We did not mention this at the time because we did not want to embarrass our son who recommended it.

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eating has changed, not very good. the pizza I ordered was blande and although only a margarita there was 1 spodge cheese on the whole pizza. very disappointing. my gas has in the regular fish and chips there and loves it. it just wasn't the same caliber. we are regulars and I did to them that I did not enjoy the feedback at all. the staff was friendly and helpful, but I fear that eating was not great and I will not be in a hurry to return.

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