The restaurant offers you 26 on their menu, of which the average price is 7 €.

The average rating of 4.9 shows that the restaurant is one of the favorites amongst all its customers.

The restaurant doesn't offer any smoking places, and pets are welcome on the premises. The facilities have been made wheelchair accessible. You also can find park spots at SP+ Parking which is 165 meters away from Cusser's .

On the menu you will also find a variety of delicious dishes free of any animal product.

Reservations can be done for this Restaurant via dial number: (+1)6179175193.

You can order food directly from their own Site

You can enjoy your food and drinks at the restaurant’s counter, but you can also sit outdoors. There is also a seating area, and if you bring your baby or toddler, you can place them in an available highchair.

The restaurant offers free wifi for its customers, and you can watch sports on their television. Their staff makes sure to wait on you at your table.

You can not only enjoy cold and refreshing beverages at the bar. You also will be served food over there.

You can enjoy one of the offered regional or even international brewery beers with your meal, and you are offered a full choice of alcoholic drinks. You can even bring your own wine to the restaurant.




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