Restaurant Goulash Hungarian Aberdeen’s menu includes 53 dishes. On the average, a menu item costs 8 €, and here you can find all the 53 dishes and drinks on their menu.

The average rating of 4.7 shows that the restaurant is one of the favorites amongst all its customers.

You can easily get a reservation done with calling the restaurant (+44)1224210530.

You can also get your dishes delivered to your house, and you may order the food on their own Homepage:



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cozy restaurant. good atmosphere. delicious food. price

Anonym Anonym

very nice eating and friendly staff. would like to visit again.

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the restaurant was nice and clean, but unfortunately it was really bad to eat. it tasted completely different than it should have. the staff was not very friendly either. when they go there, they do not expect high quality food and service. Maybe better than a restaurant.

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