There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

― George Bernard Shaw

We are a young, dynamic and ambitious team of professionals passionate about food. Our main goal is to help people discover and enjoy the best places to eat near them everyday.

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We are an enthusiastic international team of food lovers and web professionals, giving you the most comprehensive information database on food and restaurants. Our love for food from different cuisines around the world is ever growing as we enjoy finding out more about the diverse cultures.The varieties and options available in the menu never ceases to amaze us.

We love checking in to restaurants as well as ordering food. Locating the top restaurants worldwide is one of our objective and we wish to enlist them into our growing database to make them available to everyone.

Our dedicated team is working hard each and every day to strengthen the platform to enlist an ever growing set of restaurants worldwide, allowing our community of food enthusiasts the option to share reviews and opinions so that you, as a customer can choose what’s best suited for you.

Our beliefs

  • We value the restaurants we work with. This is why we evaluate, assess and analyze each and every restaurant and gather relevant information to add on our enormous database. Our prime focus is to ensure that restaurants are found more easily and the search results are proper and relevant.

  • We try to be as transparent as possible both to restaurant owners and guests. The guests always have the access to various options including the list of amenities, questionnaire, feedback and many more.
  • We believe in making the entire process of finding good food as smooth as possible and that is why we provide an up-to-date and accurate address and contact information of the restaurants.

  • We put in special efforts during our research and development to make necessary modifications regularly which encourages people to always try new things.

Reasons why we started Foodlocate

While browsing through available restaurants to order from, we noticed that they were on different delivery systems. Customers had to go through the hassles of investing a lot of time to browse through different websites and even then, a certain amount of luck was required to find restaurants every time. Ensuring a single platform for all the steps made it easier and simpler.

During our city trips, we didn’t want to visit multiple pages to find the best restaurants around.We also noticed the urgent need for honest reviews from guests who visit the restaurants and try the food which allows viewers to pick the best options.

Join the Team

We, at Foodlocate, strive for achieving all the goals we have set for ourselves. Our plan is to keep getting better everyday and ensure a better fooding experience for the guests. Our missions and beliefs are deeply entrenched in each and every one of our team members. If you feel like you have what it takes to make the world of fooding a better place, we are here to promote your career opportunities. We encourage you to take the initiative.

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We offer you a great workplace. A place where you can take opportunities and initiative and change the world.