[homemade] Just fries

Recipe. Feel silly typing this but these are Maris Piper potatoes (skin on). Sliced into fries, patted dry and tossed in a bowl with yo...

French toast

Home made spicy chicken sandwich

Chicken Tetrazzini

Local Sushi joint ;)

Beef tenderloin, grilled shrimp, twice baked potato and asparagus

Teriyaki chicken filled onigiri!


A Damn Good Patty Melt

Here Are the Top 40 Highest-Rated Restaurants in Arlington

Anecdotally, at least, restaurants seem to be getting busier around town. That's not too surprising, given the warmer weather and th...

[homemade] cinnamon monkey bread with cream cheese glaze

I used [Joshua Weissman’s cinnamon roll recipe](https://youtu.be/f6kzypYDLRg), but made little croissant-like rolls, put them in a pan...

Strawberry Shortcake.... Cafe Vinerio NYC

Bar Pretzels

Nomenclature aside, I fuckin’ love these things. I don’t care if they come out of a freezer box at every restaurant, I will smash these...

Mouse scurries through Beach Burrito Co in Adelaide

Shocked diners have witnessed a mouse running down a wall and across the floor in a popular Mexican restaurant in Adelaide. Some diners...

Air fried pickles