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The Average price for Tamago-Maki is :
Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain
2.8 EUR


Tamago-Maki usually contains Lachs und Avocado and is cooked using the below mentioned ingredients. Of course its exact list of ingredients varies for each restaurant.

Where can I eat Tamago-Maki?

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Show 527 restaurants on map
Show 527 restaurants on map

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Asia Food Express

City: München, Lindwurmstraße 110 Nr. of Dishes: 288


City: Berlin, Hohensaatener straße 16 Nr. of Dishes: 156

Golden Sea

City: Berlin, Rotkamp 2 Nr. of Dishes: 271

Sakana Sushi

City: Berlin, Pestalozzistraße 106 Nr. of Dishes: 288

China Garten

City: Cottbus, Vetschauer Straße 10 Nr. of Dishes: 160

Asia City

City: Augsburg, Pilgerhausstraße 26 Nr. of Dishes: 473

Mr. Wasabi

City: Gelsenkirchen, Klosterstraße 1 Nr. of Dishes: 408

Food Company Steffi Pizzaservice

City: Nürnberg, Rothenburger Straße 65 Nr. of Dishes: 215


City: München, Münchner Freiheit 4 Nr. of Dishes: 378

Papa Nô

City: Berlin, Oranienstraße 191 Nr. of Dishes: 211
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