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The Average price for Schlemmer-Schnitzel is :
Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain
8.9 EUR


Schlemmer-Schnitzel usually contains Formfleischschinken, Salami und Käse überbacken and is cooked using the below mentioned ingredients. Of course its exact list of ingredients varies for each restaurant.

Where can I eat Schlemmer-Schnitzel?

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Show 251 restaurants on map
Show 251 restaurants on map

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Speed Pizzeria

City: Leipzig, Ehrensteinstraße 44 Nr. of Dishes: 350

Pizzeria Al Capone

City: Leipzig, Kolonnadenstraße 22 Nr. of Dishes: 199

Pizza Pazza

City: Leverkusen, Bergisch Gladbacher Straße 250 Nr. of Dishes: 507

Da Vinci Express

City: Bergisch Gladbach, Reginharstraße 8 Nr. of Dishes: 389

La Diva

City: Muelheim an der Ruhr, Duisburger Straße 465 Nr. of Dishes: 260

Pizzeria Milano

City: UbachPalenberg, Geilenkirchener Straße 36 Nr. of Dishes: 219

Pizzeria Da Andrea

City: Nettetal, Breyeller Straße 64 Nr. of Dishes: 210

Pizza Galaxy

City: Ketsch, Oftersheimer Straße 20 Nr. of Dishes: 384

Pizzeria Bella Milano

City: Holzwickede, Aplerbecker Straße 363 Nr. of Dishes: 549

Pizzeria Rialto

City: Witzenhausen, Walburger Straße 49 Nr. of Dishes: 141
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