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The most beutiful & delicious desserts from all over the world

If you go out to eat chic (or just like that), the dessert is as much a part of the conclusion as "opening the door" and that nice smile.

There's not only hard boiled eggs - ever heard of egg halifax, pesto eggs or air fryed eggs?

From the chicken next door, from the market or from the ostrich or other birds. Everybody knows the egg in some form or another and has certainly encountered it on the plate.

Mold cheese: how to distinguish between the types and for what dishes is used

Whether on a pizza, with a snack or as a snack for in between - not only gourmets swear by it: the mold cheese.

Introducing one of the most popular and simplest dishes of all: pasta

Ready for the pasta. Pasta la vista, or whatever. Today is pasta day - probably one of the most popular dishes.

Today once meatless: what vegetarians actually eat and what are some subsitutes for meat

One must honestly say that the first vegetarians lived before Christ, so this is not to be considered a "fashion movement". However, this article is not intended to be a political