We are celebrating "Anti-Diet Day"

It is the sixth of May. Unfortunately, not as special a day as the fourth of May (May the 4th be with you), but still not completely uncool. While America is celebrating the day of drinks and missing homework, the world just doesn't care to celebrate a diet. Because today is "Anti-Diet Day"

Interesting facts about the development

The day was brought to life by the British author Mary Evans Young. Actually, it was supposed to be a cheat day where just any food is allowed - where you don't have to pay attention to anything.

In contrast to some other days, which are celebrated just for fun, this day has a certain depth. In a world that consists mainly of skinny models and absurd beauty ideals, one should remember that our body is beautiful as it is - as long as it is healthy, of course.

Young's goals back then were:

- the recognition of natural physical differences: one small, one large, one chubbier, one leaner, one more muscular, one more lanky. All this should not give any conclusions about the value as a person... Unfortunately it does.

- the establishment of a critical view of the ideals of beauty. No extremes - neither size zero nor hundreds of kilos as a sign of wealth.

- an education about the risks of diets themselves and dietary products. 

Especially these risks of the so-called "miracle pills" are, in my opinion, presented beautifully and above all drastically (actually even according to the facts) in the film "Requiem for a dream".

- a campaign against the discrimination of overweight and obese people. The only thing that can actually be said about this is: Just because someone defines a certain characteristic - in this case body weight - as a separate point of criticism for beauty, this does not mean that you can and may discriminate against someone who does not correspond to this!

But now we come to the more pleasant part:

Enjoy your day today

Depending on which diet you follow, you can of course arrange this day differently:

Calorie counting: The simplest way to insert an "anti-diet day" here is of course not to weigh anything and not to count any more calories. What could be better than a buffet in a nearby restaurant - plenty of food to feast on.

Nothing sweet: Again, it is relatively obvious how to turn this diet around that day. How about a nice coffee and a piece of warm chocolate cake to go with it?!

Nothing greasy: Oh dear, where to begin. French fries? Pizza? Burgers? Fast food? The list goes on and on... What I wouldn't give for a nice slice of four cheese pizza...

Lots of fruit and vegetables: Also here, I can only recommend dishes in which one simply abstains from fruits and vegetables.

Low Carb: As an alternative today, you can eat bread, potatoes and especially a lot of sugar ;)


If you don't get out today, I have the perfect idea for an anti-diet day eating plan:

Breakfast: Have breakfast once, following the British example - scrambled or fried egg, combined with small sausages, bacon, a Rösti (Hashbrown), small meatballs and baked beans. If that doesn't make the calories, carbohydrates and fats go up.

Lunch: For lunch we also look at our English speaking friends: To America. A nice portion of Mac'n'Cheese is now just the thing. Not too difficult and you can always have pasta or cheese at home.

Afternoon snack: Now a nice coffee and a piece of cake - or cake? Maybe a nice ice cream or a milkshake. Just such a milkshake tastes great with fresh fruit and is really quick and easy to make at home.

Dinner: Finally, before going to bed, a nice snack with cheese, ham, sausage and above all: bread - whether home-baked, home-made or home-made, whether pretzel, wholemeal, wheat, pumpernickel or something completely different... No matter what!

Enjoy your day, dear ones! Enjoy the food and especially the life.