Restaurant Event Ideas for Cold Seasons

Holding events is a powerful way of encouraging customers to come to your restaurant even in the coldest weather. As a restaurateur, you might have noticed that your customer inflow fluctuates with the weather patterns. For this reason, you have to learn how to make the most of different weather conditions. With a proper strategy, you can attract many clients to your restaurant or pub in all weathers.

If you are a client, you should also know the best events to engage in once you go to the eatery. Of all the weather conditions, the cold weather hits restaurants the most. During this time of the year, most people prefer cooking at home or using indoor dinner places. Parties and hangouts are seldom during the cold season. Well, this article solves the puzzle for you. Let's have a look at the event ideas that will make your restaurant as inviting during the cold season as it is in summer.

Live Music Performances

Great music is warm and inviting, especially when it’s performed live. Although, live bands play a great role here, you should also consider inviting local musicians several times a week. Having a mix of performances on a daily or weekly basis will attract more and more customers to your restaurant.

Restaurant Theme Nights

People love theme nights, whether it is the 80s, 90s, Hawaiian, Halloween or Christmas themes. They don’t have to be done daily; throwing them several times a week is a good idea. You should also inform your customers in advance just to keep them posted. Theme nights attract customers to dining places.

Wine Tastings

Who can resist free wine? This is the best way to market your pub or restaurant’s wines. It doesn’t have to be a big cozy event, all you need to do is advertise the event and provide an opportunity for your customers to sample the wine. This attracts the clients who had come only for a dish and had no intention of purchasing wine that evening.

Charity or Partner Events

Don’t be a lone ranger. Partner with another business or organization and give them a venue to organize their events and charity. To achieve this, you can do the following:

  • Tap TakeoverHave beer Gurus takeover your taps with new brew arrivals in your pub. New brew brands can have their agents promoting their product in your pub or restaurant.
  • Charity Bartenders Night: Invite a charity group and let their bartenders take over your grill. A certain percentage of the day's sales should go to charity. And yes, People love donating to charities directly or indirectly.
  • Business Center: Make your restaurants suitable for networking meetings and events. You will, in turn, provide catering services for them. This is ideal for a food restaurant.


Bar Olympics: Nothing beats a fun-filled Friday night at the pub. Games and competitions add fun to drinking. Organize competitions like beer pong, Cornhole, Flip Cup, and indoor basketball hoops. This will attract hordes of competitors into your bar and keep you going during the cold season

Poker Tournaments: People enjoy poker games. However, poker can be hard to organize. Luckily, some digital poker cards only require a TV as a poker table and Tablets connected to it via Bluetooth.

Other games such as a Pool Table and Darts competitions can promote your pub tremendously. Apart from that, it is important to have television screens airing favorite competitions across the globe.

Cooking Classes

It’s true that people love your food because it is good. However, you can share your recipes and techniques with your customers by organizing special cooking classes. Your customers can not live on restaurant food every day.

These lessons build loyalty with your customers. Spice up the occasion by handing each participant a cookbook. Be sure to see them again at your cafe when dining out.

Top Restaurant Guest Chef Night

It is okay that you trust only your chef, but having a guest chef once in a while is a game changer for your customers. A celebrity Chef is a golden goose in this situation. Nevertheless, you can invite a Chef from a different themed restaurant and bid him to prepare a menu different from yours.

Apart from getting a guest chef, you will be in luck to get a guest bartender. This introduces a new environment and taste to your restaurant or bar.

VIP Only

This is a special event for your loyal customers. Treating them as VIPs with slash offers will challenge new customers. Spicing the occasions with live music and new Menu for the VIPs first, goes a long way in enriching their loyalty.

Comedy Night

Most locations have comedies that are looking for gigs. Change your style from normal live music to rib cracking jokes. Hold such nights once a week or fortnightly. And guess what? Your customers will always be looking forward to it.

Open Mic Night

There is a lot of talent amongst your customers. Consider dropping the professional entertainers for a day and let your clients run the show. Performances make your clients feel honored and appreciated. You never know, someone might take the opportunity to propose to a lover. Bear in mind to give room to poetry, dances, songs and all performance arts possible.

Karaoke Nights

This might be a cliché but it works miracles. Organize a karaoke night once or twice and let your customers battle it out. The winner takes home a paid meal from you. This will be an addition to the things to look forward to at your club.

Celebrity Baits

Celebrities move with crowds. If you can lure one to your restaurant, then be sure to have extra space for visitors. Furthermore, you can decorate your restaurant or bar with covers and banners of the celebrity in action. They need not perform; their presence is more than enough.

Special Nights

Apart from themed nights, you can also have special nights. Family dinner nights will encourage parents to treat their spouses and kids to a family dinner in your eating place. You can also have singles night. Not only will you be promoting your business but you might also help someone find a soul mate. Such people will forever cherish the moments spent in your restaurant.

You can also have a romantic night setting for dates in your restaurant or part of it for lover birds. Creating love is in the air scene and creating unforgettable moments for partners solidifies the significance of your restaurant to them.

There are other dozens of ideas you can implement in your business. It is important to select the ones that work for you and incorporate them into your restaurant's culture.

Do you know of any other great restaurant ideas for cold seasons? Share in the comments