Pure pleasure layer by layer

The tenderly melting taste of béchamel sauce, a little minced meat and vegetables and pasta al dente. Not only in Italy and for the Italians a pleasure: Lasagna!

Noodle enjoyment in a different way

Just like Garfield, many bipeds rave about the pasta dish with all its cheese and delicious sauce. The special thing about lasagna is that although it is prepared in the same basic way, it is at the same time combined with an enormous variety and an enormous number of possibilities to create it according to your own wishes.

From the classic lasagna with minced meat and béchamel to zucchini lasagna with vegetables, everything is possible. The noodles can be exchanged: Green, red, lentil, zucchini or any other kind of pasta. Of course, you can also change the topping: Who hasn't heard of a vegetable lasagna, but who has ever tried a "chili con carne" lasagna?!

Among them is the "traditional" lasagna with minced meat, a fruity tomato sauce with garlic and Mediterranean herbs and of course the creamy béchamel.

As the name suggests, the mince is left out here. This can now be replaced by vegetables (such as cauliflower or others) or by tofu or seitan.

There is also an official spinach lasagna for all spinach fans. Here, instead of the tomato sauce, spinach in a cream sauce or ricotta is used.

 For those who prefer fish instead of meat, this lasagna is ideal. The minced meat is replaced by salmon or, depending on taste and region, by other fish.

The story behind the lasagna

To find out who had the idea to enjoy pasta in the mould, you even have to go back to the Middle Ages. There you will find the first written recipe - so you can certainly assume that the first lasagna was prepared and eaten much earlier.

The recipe describes the method of preparation known to us: layer by layer and with lots of cheese. The lasagna is also described as a casserole by its preparation in a fireproof container.

What about this?

If you want to enjoy lasagna "traditionally", it is best to do so with a sip of wine. The many layers of meat, sauce and cheese make for a full-bodied red wine. For example, a Chianto or a Merlot. If you enjoy a vegetarian variant of lasagna, you can also drink a light white wine with it. Here a Chardonnay offers itself.

Thanks to Garfield

Thanks to the comic strip first published in 1978, everyone now knows Garfield's love of lasagna. As a cat, you would think that he has no interest in the pasta at all - but maybe it's more because of the bechamel sauce and the minced meat - who knows.

But the comic makes it clear: Everybody (even animals) loves lasagna. So, let's go to the Italian of confidence and get into it! After all, there is a variety and a type for everyone!