Once McDonalds and back...

Wherever and with whomever you talk about junk food, the first or second thing that comes to mind is, for better or worse, one of the fast food chains. Be it McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or even Subway. But is every fast food also junk food?

Fast food = junk food?

But exactly this conclusion is wrong, because junk food is not the same as fast food. So, let us breathe a sigh of relief: the burger is perfectly okay - well, at least almost. Because junk food ("junk" English for "waste" or "crap") is food that looks like a lot, but in terms of nutrients almost exclusively contains only fat and/or sugar and above all calories.

Most of these foods are packed with an enormous amount of additives and preservatives and are industrially produced. So, you can practically say that a burger at a good burger restaurant around the corner - with homemade patties, fresh salad etc. - has to be fast food but not junk food.

Junk food often also contains an enormous amount of artificial colorings and flavors.

In contrast, the special thing about fast food in general is simply that it is quick to prepare. However, in order to be able to say that the fast food snack bar around the corner does not offer junk food, one would have to take a close look at the ingredients as well as the preparation.

What's dangerous about junk food?

Due to the enormous amount of sugar and / or fat, our human organism demands more and more food, because junk food doesn't make us full for a long time or at all. Through the addition of the flavoring substances and flavor enhancers, as well as other artificial additives, the consumption of this food can also lead to a limited or pronounced addiction.

The frequent overdose of salt is also intended to encourage the consumption of sugary drinks or beverages in general. One promotes, so to speak, the "washing down", so that the customer eats more and more food into himself - preferably still no healthy food at all.

Then why are we eating it?

The simplest explanation used to be the low price - the 1x1: Everything only one Euro. But actually, in the meantime (and if one is honest even then) this is only a part of the explanation. Due to the enormous amount of fat or sugar, the taste of the actual food is enormously enhanced and thus appeals to our innate desires. The high salt content also makes sure that the taste of junk food is a pleasure to the tongue and palate.


As with everything in life: Sometimes it's perfectly all right!

Especially with junk food, it's perfectly okay if you allow yourself that. It just shouldn't happen every day and not in excess. So, enjoy your cheeseburger or long chicken - even without a guilty conscience!