Most Predicted Food Trends of 2019

Every year various food industry experts dish out a list of food trends that will take off in the next year. The end of 2018 saw various reports from companies such as UberEats, Walmart, Delish, BBC Good Food, among a variety of others. While each report contained a variety of different items, there were some food trend predictions that were common among various reports.

Infusion of Food and Drink with Cannabis: Relaxation for All

While it has not been legalized in every part of the world, weed has taken the world by storm since its existence, and its mainstream acceptance keeps getting bigger. Linked to unproven benefits such as relaxation, chefs and food experts are taking their time to incorporate cannabis into their creations. Infusion of cannabis has found its way into oils and drinks and with the creation of cannabis infused butter, cooking oil and coconut oil, the possibilities become endless. Snacks such as weed cookies and cupcakes have existed since time immemorial, but this predicted trend goes way beyond these simple treats, and delves into even the most common item, like a burger sauce.

Off The Shelf Probiotics: Ready-to-Eat Goodness for a Better Digestive System

Probiotics have been floating around for years, with their popularity quickly gaining momentum over the years. Basically probiotics are “good” bacteria, and their consumption has been linked to various gastric benefits. Popular in foods such as yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, traditional butternut and pickles, probiotics have been gaining presence in household refrigerators for quite a number of years. However, this new popularity wave is due to the advent of shelf-stable probiotics. Off the shelf availability will be a reason for cause of celebration for many, as it saves many people time and effort, allowing a larger market to reap the benefits of good bacteria.

Mainstream Use of Ugly Produce to Reduce Food Waste

Pictured above is the perfection showcased in many markets and grocery isles, a standard that has come under fire for quite a while. “Perfect” produce is shuttled off to suppliers while “ugly” produce is discarded. Independent magazine estimates that around 37,000 tonnes are thrown out every year, which amounts to 25 percent of the produce harvested. This gross disregard for food is now being corrected through the root-to-stem movement and various food sharing programs. Ugly produce is still supplied and used to cook in restaurants and homes, alleviating the waste. Additionally, innovations are being carried out to ensure that every part of the produce is used, with milestones being made in the use of peels, like tomato peels, to make food packaging material.

Imitation Meat: Enjoy the Taste and Texture of Real Meat, Without the Guilt

Meat has been on the shorter end of the food popularity yardstick, with its animal cruelty practices publicized. Additionally, meat processing plants are a well known pollutant, and this is a global problem that keeps requiring urgent resolving. Faux meat brands have began experiencing exponential growth, with meat alternatives offered for everything, from burger patties to hot dogs to bacon strips. Companies such as Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat are offering burger patties that have the taste and texture of the real thing. Marketed as healthier alternatives, these plant-based “meat” products are getting integrated into more restaurant menus every year, with 2019 gearing up to be the best year yet.

Cultured Meat:

Science’s Response to the Industrial Meat Crisis

Food science is ever-evolving, and its innovations have led to the development of cruelty-free and environmental friendly meat. By the use of animal stem cells, scientists have been able to successfully grow meat in the lab, a fete that solves the problems of industrial animal farming. However, this is a new endeavour, with production still costing upwards of USD 9,000. However, companies such as Memphis Meats are positive mass lab production will lead to a decrease in cost, up to USD 10 per burger patty in 2020, according to experts.


While some of these trends may seem a bit out of the box, all we have to do is watch and see how these predictions fare on as the year progresses.