Especially on the first of May everyone would probably agree with me that this day can be called a holiday. To match the home office and Corona drama, today is "Labor Day".

But in Finland, for example, "Vappu" is celebrated today. Never heard of it?! I admit, neither have I. Vappu is the festival of spring, of workers and students. 

Like in Germany, it is a national holiday. But besides the actual cultural, political or social holidays, all over the world there are holidays - or better honorary days - for all kinds of things. Starting with the pretzel, German beer and the day of the only children. Almost everything is represented.

What does this have to do with

In addition to the holidays in honor of the eraser and the dolphins, there are plenty of days of honor on the subject of food. In April, for example, there was a day in honor of lunch (April 13). You didn't know that?! Don't worry, in Germany these days of honor are not so well known either. But to make sure you're always up to date and can surprise your colleagues, friends and family with a bit of useless knowledge paired with great tips on the best restaurants, offers or ideas for the day, we've thought of something:

We're celebrating...

We are starting a new series here on our blog with a variety of special days for and with food. We also start tomorrow with the topic "Tuna".

What can you expect?

As mentioned above, we want to provide you with knowledge, tips and ideas. So, in each blog post a bit of theory and background about the respective day is presented. This is - using tuna as an example - for example the origin, what you have to pay attention to and also a little bit, how much our beloved tuna is already endangered.

If it is about the "Anti-Diet Day" on May 6th, I can of course not report on how it tastes, where it comes from and so on. Here it is rather about the origin and the custom.

After the theoretical part, you will surely want to know where you can live things out and especially how. Here you will get tips for restaurants themselves or ideas how to live out the day in a restaurant of your choice in your area.

Finally, there is a small section with ideas and recipes that you can casually try out at home to enjoy the day at home.

At the beginning of each month we will publish a small overview so that you always know what to expect and when. So, you can already enter the right day in the calendar, so you won't miss it.

What can you expect in May?

In May you will find the following articles here:

  • 2. May »Tuna«
  • 6. May »Anti-Diet Day«
  • 11. May »Eat What You Want Day«
  • 16. May »BBQ«
  • 20. May »Bees«
  • 24. May »Asparagus«
  • 28. May »Hamburger«
  • 30. May »Potato«

Anything else?

You are also welcome to inform us about other holidays or tell us in the comments what would interest you. Maybe you have already celebrated one of these days of honor and have some tips that you would like to share with the world. We are looking forward to it! See you soon.