I'm totally craving for fries

Whether it's with the curry sausage, a burger in the fast food chain or at the burger shop around the corner. Whether made from sweet potatoes, potatoes, kohlrabi or other vegetables. Everybody knows and loves French fries and pretty much everybody loves them.

What are fries, anyway?

Pommes is the short form for "French fries", which means "baked potatoes". An earth apple is understood to be the potato because it grows under the earth and with a lot of fantasy reminds you of an apple - or something like that.

So that you don't always break your tongue, French fries are usually simply called "fries", "chips" or in English-speaking countries "chips" (attention, sometimes also "fries" - so here you should find out beforehand how exactly they are called so that you really get your fries).

In fact, the first French fries were made from fried chopsticks of the common potato and were allegedly prepared in this way for the first time in Belgium. On average, a French fry is one centimeter in diagonal cross-section and about four to a maximum of 10 centimeters long.  When preparing them, make sure to deep-fry them twice for the perfect color and cooking degree. If you only deep-fry it once, you risk it not being cooked on the inside or too brown on the outside. After the frying process, the fries are salted and served as a side dish or with ketchup or mayonnaise.

What's in it?

By processing a raw potato and deep-frying it in hot fat, one might think that French fries are very fatty in themselves. But if you use the right temperature of the fat and the right amount of fries for a certain amount of fat, you get just ten to fifteen percent fat content. 

That is even less than the average minced beef.

But the dangerous thing is the sauces: Ketchup and mayo, which make the fries so rich in content and above all in calories.

In addition to the fat content, a portion of 100 grams of French fries contains about 40 grams of carbohydrates and just under 3 grams of protein. In terms of calories, the portion is 312 kcal.

If you are craving for fries...

Then a visit to a restaurant is definitely recommended. What choice do you have there?! Here a small insight:

  • French fries barrier (red - white)

The dish, which originally got its name from the Ruhr area (Germany), simply describes French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise. It got its name from the red and white mixture, whose color combination reminds of the colors of a barrier.

  •  Currywurst with chips

If you want to eat your currywurst in an orderly manner, fries are a must on the menu. So, let's get to the fine and crispy potato sticks.

  • Burger/club sandwich with chips

Also, to the burger - no matter whether cheeseburger or hamburger or any other burger - or to the club sandwich simply belong fries.

  • Smiley-Fries und Curly Fries

If you like it a little more fancy, you can decorate your lunch or dinner with crazy faces, also fried. Besides the smileys, the curly fries or twister fries (spiral chips) are also very popular. Especially at Mc Donald’s they always go like hot bread, but also restaurants that are not necessarily part of the fast food chain offer this fine variety of fries.

To name but a few of the well-known dishes.

If you like, you can also conjure up chips from other vegetables. The sweet potato fries are probably the best-known representatives. In addition, you can also conjure crispy fries from parsnips, kohlrabi, carrots and many other vegetables.

And now: Let's taste it