Crispy potato pancakes put you in a good mood!

The best of Sophie's seasonal cuisine

Besides some time, you don't need much:

  • 1 kg peeled raw potatoes;

  • 2 large onions;

  • 4 eggs;

  • 1 tsp salt, some flour;

  • Baking grease;

The potatoes and onions are grated.

You can grate finer or coarser, depending on how you like it. Just try it out.

In a bowl, the potato dough is mixed with eggs and salt.

Since a little liquid settles down over time, flour can be added to get a homogeneous dough again.

Then heat the fat in the pan in medium temperature and add 4 buffers each with a large spoon, press flat and turn.

This, like any good work, requires some experience. If the fat is too hot, the buffers brown too quickly and remain raw inside. If it is too cool, the fat is absorbed and the buffers remain soft and do not become crispy.

I take either rapeseed oil or butter lard, which gives the finest taste. Butter lard is the pure fat of milk, while butter contains about 20% water and therefore splashes when heated.

Courage for all kitchen beginners! Even cooking is creative and fun.

Enjoy your meal!