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Seasonal cuisine in winter

Sophie`s seasonal cuisine shows you which food is popular in the winter.

What to Eat In Munich

Before visiting Munich, it vital that you know different kinds of foods that you can eat in this location. If you love to soak up the atmosphere of the local food markets on your travels, then the Viktualienmarkt in the center of Munich is the place to wander.

Best Foods To Eat in London

Foods to eat in London are literally infinite. Have you ever visited a new place that you enjoyed immensely except you didn't like their food? That would be the ultimate deal breaker even for the most adventurous tourist. While the cuisine may not be the central reason to visit, it's definitely among the top considerations.

What to consider when combining beer and cheese

Beer and cheese is a must-try combination.

What you should keep in mind when combining wine and cheese

Wine should go perfectly with cheese.