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Spekulatius - the most popular Christmas treat in Germany

When you think of the Christmas season, various things come to mind: the scent of cookies, marzipan and gingerbread, but one thing must not be missing... spekulatius..

Leftovers: what dishes can be prepared from them

Actually, vegetable and food leftovers are really too good to throw away. But what do you do with them?!

French Toast as breakfast alternative - not only sweet, but also hearty!

Every morning the same question arises: What do you eat? One of them is of course the toast - not just like that, not just toasted, but refined: the French Toast!

Good not only for birthdays - the wonderful world of cakes

Is today my birthday again? No? But am I still allowed to look at the cake and eat it all?

Soup Wiki: history, varieties and health benefits

It is getting colder again, the colds come and go and with them the soups, warming from within and at the same time so delicious and healthy.